Santa Barbara Business Loans

For many businesses, obtaining loans can mean the difference between success or failure. So where do you find the right Santa Barbara business loan and how do you get approved? It's easy! At Unison Financial Group, we have many unique financing options and the expertise to help you find the right one.


Let Unison Financial Group help save you time and money with one of our many Factoring options, like accounts receivable factoring, asset-based business loans, secured working capital credit lines, and more. When it comes to business loans, Factoring is the preferred working capital financing method to free up cash normally tied up in receivables. Use outstanding invoices as collateral for a business line of credit and keep your Santa Barbara business moving forward.

Asset-based Lending

Borrow against your existing business assets such as inventory, machinery, accounts receivable, and other corporate collateral to establish a revolving line of credit and quickly obtain the working capital you need for your business.

Purchase Order Financing

Generate cash for your business and pay up to 100% of the cost of your production or services (including materials, deposits, labor, shipping, etc). Get the money you need for rapid business growth by utilizing your firm's purchase orders

And More!

Equipment Leasing

Meet cash flow requirements, grow your business, and get added tax benefits through this simple and convenient financing tool. Choose from sale-leasebacks, operating leases, capital leases, and many other options. Contact us for details.

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